The Story of PURESt

PURESt is Milano, Genève, Kathmandu

"Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty – that is all." (John Keats, 1795-1821)

My name is Patrick Garbini and I am the Founder and Managing director of PURESt.

PURESt embodies the enthusiasm for life, the passion for discovery and adventure, the pleasure for beauty and style, the challenge that turns into a business project, the journey made of places but also of meetings and emotions, the awareness of the need of a high-ranking project that could be ethical and multi-localized at the same time.

It was during a hot summer day in 2009 that the vision started to take shape. The idea that what I had seen in Nepal two years before could become part of a wider project. The best raw materials, a personal and refined style, a carefully chosen but sober design, the appreciation of manual abilities and ancient knowledge, selected boutiques, a small collection that, from the narrow circle of friends, would extend to all the connoisseurs of quality products who could then enjoy the privilege of buying extremely pure and rare articles. 

Maybe it was the stimulus of the experience gained in recent years, maybe it was simply my attitude to challenges, the fact is that after only a few weeks I found my house full of samples of Cashmere shawls. Many discussions, exhibitions and visits. The experts in precious fibres gave their unanimous opinion: extraordinary.

The precious Nepalese shipment was appreciated. The quality, but most of all the craftsmanship and the authenticity evident to the eye and touch were appreciated.

That vision was certainly to be perfected and obviously accomplished. It was so that, in January 2011, the real challenge started. I left the certainties I had built up to that moment and devoted all my energy to the Business Project, following partly Family tradition and partly my desire of independence and my spirit of enterprise.  A number of analyses and considerations, lots of paper and scores of meetings; then, after few months, the philosophy and business model of PURESt came into being.

In a nutshell: the excellence of materials meeting design, style and research, real tradition, manual skill and craftsmanship of Made in Nepal, social and environmental sustainability. The best of excellence, a whispered luxury or, daring a comparison: the idea of Slow Food applied to Cashmere. 
A clear vision, strong and very ambitious: to become a landmark in the world of Cashmere luxury accessory.

PURESt: the rediscovered luxury, synonymous with excellence and quality, manual skill and craftsmanship, respect and purity.


PURESt is Milano, Genève, Kathmandu

Milano… that is style, design, elegance. Here, the superiority of the raw material from Inner Mongolia and the "Woven in Nepal" meet ingenious creativity and Italian style. "If I make it, I make it well", therefore, besides passion and commitment, I was supported by great professionals in this field, near to my philosophy and able to give voice to the soul of the product, from the creation of exclusive collections, through the product design, up to the conception of packaging and communication.

Genève… is my identity, my history, my homeland. A great example of excellence in the preservation and appreciation of traditions and differences but also in the idea of luxury as something handmade, precious and antique which is handed down as it is done in the great watch-making houses.

Kathmandu… means my passion for journeys and explorations, for cultures distant in time and space, my unexpected meeting in February 2007, during a long, exploratory journey on the Indian Continent, which took me to the slopes of the great Himalayan Chain, visiting the Kathmandu Valley. While I was walking along the chaotic and noisy streets of the ancient town, among temples carved in the wood, clouds of spirituality and incense which followed groups of devotees towards places of prayer, little scented outdoor markets, almost by chance I met a young entrepreneur who, like many others, has turned the production of Cashmere articles into his mantra. I soon realized, however, that there was something substantially different in his philosophy. He talked to me about quality Cashmere, the under fleece of the capra hircus (goat), natural dyes, the small family business, the ancient history of Nepalese pashmina and the wish to give it back the prestige it deserves. He explained to me how he had voluntarily chosen a different way and he illustrated its excellence: the best fibres, woven on authentic antique looms, an ancestral tradition of handicraft, passed from generation to generation, to be jealously preserved.
A few hours after that, on the airplane, some fine Cashmere stoles with me in my suitcase, I was proud of my extraordinary discovery, happy to take home something special.

From the evolution and the interpretation of the original philosophy comes a unique and eternal collection. 

The essence of extraordinary skills, the appreciation and respect of ancient, established values, almost imperceptible details of refined elegance. A pure experience, or rather PURESt. The finest Cashmere.