PURESt is a collection of the finest Cashmere accessories, designed in Italy by talented fashion designers and produced in Nepal by a small family business, in the spirit of the ancient textile tradition. It interprets with passion and responsability the idea of beauty, delivering elegance and style through quality, purity, craftsmanship and authenticity.


The Grade-A pure Cashmere used to weave PURESt products comes from Mongolia, a region universally recognized for its high quality productions. The most precious and softest Cashmere fibres are carefully combed from the undercoat of the Hircus goat. Garments are coloured with eco- friendly and azo-free pigments, or following ancient recipes of vegetable and mineral dyes, and both fulling and finishing stages are entirely handmade.


From the evolution and the interpretation of an ancient philosophy comes a unique and eternal collection of Cashmere accessories. The essence of extraordinary skills, the appreciation and respect of old, established values, and the refined elegance of almost imperceptible details create a pure experience: the PURESt.

PURESt is Milano, Genève, Kathmandu

Milano... is where creativity and elegance give their best

Genève... is where the excellence of luxury is internationally celebrated

Kathmandu... is where the ancient history of the Nepalese pashmina comes alive